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Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Haryana Tenders Ref.No 49589015
Closing Date 26 - May - 2022  |  8 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of tools, equipments and furniture for various trades - welding helmet fiber, welding hand shield fiber, chipping hammer with metal handle 250 grams, chisel cold flat 19 mm x 150 mm, centre punch 9 mm x 127 mm, dividers 200 mm, stainless steel rule 300mm, scriber 150 mm double point, flat tongs 350mm long, hack saw frame fixed 300 mm, file half round bastard 300 mm, file flat 350 mm bastard, hammer ball pane 1 kg with handle, tip cleaner, try square 6”, spindle key, screw driver 300mm blade and 250 mm blade, number punch 6 mm, letter punch 6 mm, magnifying glass 100 mm . dia, universal weld measuring gauge, earth clamp 600a, spanner d.e. 6 mm to 32mm, c-clamps 10 cm and 15 cm, hammer sledge double faced 4 kg, s.s tape 5 meters flexible in case, electrode holder 600 amps, h.p. welding torch with 5 nozzles, oxygen gas pressure regulator double stage, acetylene gas pressure regulator double stage, co2 gas pressure regulator, with flow meter, argon gas pressure regulator with flow meter, metal rack 182 cm x 152 cm x 45 cm, first aid box, steel lockers with 8 pigeon holes, steel almirah / cupboard, flash back arrester (torch mounted), flash back arrester (cylinder mounted), welding transformer with all accessories ( 400a, ocv 60–100 v, 60% duty cycle), welding transformer (or) inverter based welding machine with all accessories (300a , ocv 60 – 100 v, 60% duty cycle), d.c arc welding rectifiers set with all accessories (400 a. ocv 60 – 100 v, 60% duty cycle ), gmaw welding machine 400a capacity with air cooled torch,, ac/dc gtaw welding machine with water cooled torch 300 a,, air plasma cutting equipment with all accessories, capacity to cut 25 mm clear cut, air compressor suitable for air plasma cutting system, auto darkening welding helmet, spot welding machine to 15 kva with all accessories, portable gas cutting machine capable of cutting straight & circular with all accessories, pedestal grinder fitted with coarse and medium grain size grinding wheels dia. 300 mm, bench grinder fitted with fine grain size silicon carbide green grinding wheel dia. 150 mm, ag 4 grinder, suitable gas welding table with fire bricks, suitable arc welding table with positioner, trolley for cylinder (h.p. unit), hand shearing machine capacity to cut 6 mm sheets and flats, portable drilling machine (cap. 6 mm), oven, electrode drying 0 to 350°c, 10 kg capacity, work bench 340x120x75 cm with 4 bench vices of 150 mm jaw opening, oxy acetylene gas cutting blow pipe, oxygen, acetylene cylinders, co2 cylinder, argon gas cylinder, anvil 12 sq. inches working area with stand, swage block, die penetrant testing kit, magnetic particle testing kit, fire extinguishers (foam type and co2 type), fire buckets with stand, portable abrasive cut-off machine, suitable gas cutting table, welding simulators for smaw/gtaw/gmaw, instructor’s table and chair (steel), students chairs with writing pads, instructors laptop with latest(vista & above) configuration pre loaded with operating system. and ms office package., lcd projector with screen., welding process, inspection & codes dvd/ cds, leather hand gloves, cotton hand gloves, s.s wire brush 3 row, leather hand sleeves, safety boots, leg guards leather, safety goggles, welding prosess inspection , bench vice, spark lighter, banch grinder fitted , power saw machine , caliper outside spring joint, calliper inside spring joint, caliper odd-leg firm joint, steel rule, scriber, hammer ball peen, centre punch, prick punch, divider spring joint, safety goggles clear glass good quality, surface plate - granite, marking table ci (cast iron), v - block, hammer copperbrass, hacksaw fixed, combination set, spanner double ended, pliers flat nose, caliper transfer inside, micrometer inside, dial vernier caliper with metric, vernier bevel protractor, gauge - radius set, drill angle gauge, wheel dresser diamond, morse taper plug gauge and ring gauge, sine bar with centers, slip gauge metric set, tap die, tap and die set, tap die, steel rule, angle plate, tool makers button, angle gauge for tool grinding, collapsible tap with attachment, fire extinguisher, bore dial gauge stems 12 to 35 mm, bore dial gauge stems 35 to 65 mm, lcd projector / large screen tv, digimatic electronic outside micrometer ., try square , magnifying glass, plain ring and plug gauge, boring tool holder, tool bit assorted size on holder, hand chasre, tool cemented carbide assorted shaped(external) for steel turning , conventry die head, lathe mandrels(diff. types), digimatic electronic vernier caplliper , grinding machine pedestal type , machine chaser, tap wrench adjustable, digital multifunction laser printer, cubic cabin for computer lab made of plpb board top 25 mm thickness modesty 18 mm thick leg 25 mm thick & divder 18 mm thick, tool maker's buttons, expanding mandrel (lathe), plain mandrel, step mandrel, stool, air conditioner split 2 ton, vernier micrometer, spanner adjustable, desk, cnc lathe machine , ups - , machine cha
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Haryana Tenders Ref.No 49634848
Closing Date 18 - May - 2022  |  Closing today View Tender Details
Supply of dust shield #*. dust shield. drawing no :- wd - 85079 - s / 2, alt. 26, item no. 6 .
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