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Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 32833414
Closing Date 31 - Dec - 2018  |  562 Days ago View
False Ceiling and Renovation of M.s. Room, Replacement of Existing Defective Rimless Glass Door By Glazed Aluminium Door, Renovation of Female Ward (1st Floor) and Above Female Ward at 2nd Floor, Wall Partition of Accounts Officer's Room, All Work ~ . #*. Through Renovation of Canteen ~ at Kopt Centenary Hospital. #*. Through Plumbing and Sanitary Works of 2nd Floor Bathroom at Centenary Hospital ~ . #*. Through Plumbing and Sanitary Works of Canteen at Centenary Hospital ~ . #*. Construction of a New Two Storled Building ~ for Crew's Shelternear Lock Entrance Including Other Allied Works, N.s. Docks. #*. Waterproofing Treatment Work ~ By App Modified Prefabricated Water Proofing Membrane to the Roof of Dock Master Office and Engineer Supertending Office at Dry Dock Area K.p. Docks. #*. Design, Manufacture, Supply, Delivery, Testing, Commissioning & Guaranteeing the Performance of 1 (one) No. Truck-mounted Fog Cannon Mist Machine ~ for Air-borne Dust Suppression and Sprinkling of Water in Dock Complex. #*. Supply and Delivery of "aqueous Film Forming Compound (afff) (3%), Is:4989:2006 Marked ~ . #*. Repairing of 1 No. Defective Squirrel Cage Induction Motors (3-ph. 260 Kw Impounding Pump Motor) at Lock Entrance Section Dock ~ .
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 32958924
Closing Date 31 - Dec - 2018  |  562 Days ago View
Auction Sale of Stc 28 Boras of Woollen/synthetic Rags, Stc 17 Boras of Woollen Rags, Stc 60 Boras Containing Woollen Rags, Stc 85 Boras of Woollen Rags, Stc 49 Bales of Woolen Rags, Stc 25 Boras of Woollen Rags, Stc 16 Bales of Woollen Rags, Stc 06 Bales of Wool Waste, Stc 29 Bales of Woollen Rags, Stc 04 Boras of Wool Waste (coloured), Stc 56 Boras of Wool Waste, 03 Bales of Woollen Waste, Stc 3 Boras Containing Woollen/ Synthetic Rags, Stc 44 Bales of Woollen/synthetic Rags, Stc 88 Pkgs of Floor Carpets, Stc 42 Bales of Acrylic Staple Fibres, Stc 09 Boras of Woollen Rags, Stc 06 Bales of Woolen Rags, Stc 40 Boras Containing Wool Waste, Stc 130 Bales of Poly Foam, Stc 23 Bales Containing Shoddy Wool, Stc 76 Bales = 28548 Kgs Est. Acrylic Sweaters at M/jetha W/house and Stc 28 Bales=10517 Kgs Est. Acrylic Sweaters at Nfrbw, Stc 400 Bales of Polyester Staple Fibres, Stc 23 Bales of Wool Waste, Stc 75 Pkgs of Wool Waste, Stc 78 Bales of Wool Waste, 1 Bale Refilled in 11 Pp Boras of Wool Waste (coloured), Stc 41 Boras of Wool Waste, Stc 140 Bales of Polyester Staple Fibre, Stc 145 Boras of Woollen Rags, Seeds of Cedrus Deodara - to Be Sold for Making Compost Only as Per Advice of Forest Research Institute, Stc 5040 Pieces Small Round Shaped Metallic Parts (cylinderical Shaped Pcs) Length - 1.5 Inch, Dia 2 Inches, Stc 145 Boras of Woollen Rags. Seeds of Cedrus Deodara - to Be Sold for Making Compost Only as Per Advice of Forest Research Institute. Stc 5040 Pieces Small Round Shaped Metallic Parts (cylinderical Shaped Pcs) Length - 1.5 Inch, Dia 2 Inches Ctn No. 1 Has 8 Pcs, Ctn No. 2 Has 11 Pcs Ladies Garments Made of 90% Nylon & 10% Spandex Knitted and Used as Swimwear for Ladies. Only Briefs Are Available. the Shipment is Found in Deteriorated Condition, Glass Covers for Automobile Size: 30 X 20 Cms, Stc Railroad Cross Ties, R&r Stone Set Powder Form. Made in U.s.a, Power Capacitors(dc) (esta) Qn-kvar Cn-560 Uf Int Fuses-yes, Un-3.8 Kv Csat-99% Connection-1 a, Fn-dchz Non Pcb Type, R- M Tem. Cat 25/+ U- 16/45 Kv Year Made 2000 Made in Germany, Wooden Packing Material, Irregular Shape and Size, 1050 Ctns- Marked Qty=12,60,000 Pcs Pencil Cells Size -aa 1.5v Everpower Hypertech Heavy Duty Batteries. Made in China, Pallet Consisting 140 Ctns of 25 Pcs Each and 05 Loose Pcs- Total 3505 Pcs of Fluorescent Tubes of 9 Watt M.i. China, Iron Pipe and 04 Bundles of 07 Steel Brackets, One-bath Enzyme Fe-3 B) Powder Alkali Agent Fe-3 White Crystal Granular, Children Toys - 440 Pcs Helicopter for Indoor Flights, Gas Inflated Life Jackets, 1 No. Aluminium Silencer Height : 54 Cms Diameter 12 Cms, Stc 1 No.twin Breather Assy. with 15 Nb Pipe Silicage Breather, Style - St 604634, Year 2009 Serial Nos. - 20-3714 and 20-3715 M. I. India, Stc 06 Pkgs(03 Plastic Boards 62cmsx46cms, 03 Garnet Rayon Thread Bundles ), 8 Pcs Porcelain Tiles (60cmx60cm), Honda City Body Kit, Iron Plate, Actuator Casing Cylinder (old and Used), Stc - 16 Pcs, Make - Fisher, Type- 657, Max Pr-75 Psi, Stc 16 Ctns of Clothing, Stc 07 Ctns (3000 Pcs Per Ctn.) Eye Pencils / Kajal. (cosmetic). M.i. Germany, Emerson Network Power Unit, Hangtag, 05 Bags of 25 Kgs Each of Crystal Stone Flooring Material Powder of Different Colour Light Brown, White, Grey & Green, 05 Plastic Bucket Containing Flooring Hard Agent/bright Agent/binder, 02plastic Bottle of Colourant /stanning Agent, Plastic Bucket of 40 Pcs of Round Grynding Wheel, 4 Inch Diamond Polishing Piece, , 03 Nos of Tile Sample, Automatic Identification System, 39 Pallets = 16294 Pcs Sheep Skin and Lamb Skin, Stc Spare Parts for Speed Frame Machine. 20 Pcs Rollers, 28mm-8 Pcs, 25mm-8pcs, Roller Head-2pcs. Used in Textile Machinery. Used in Specific Machines Only, 2 Cases Cast Iron Spare Parts for Alternator Containing 42 Pcs of Machined Ci Casting Ec032 Md35/4, Pc Water Heater Capacity- 200 Ltr. 220 V, 3 Ph, Watts : 6 X 1350. Mainly Used in Glass Processing Industry, Stc 15 Pcs of Plastic Tube Water Flow Meter, Each Case Consists of 02 Pcs of Wood Veneer Rotary Knives, Total 04 Pcs Marked as Toyo, Consisting of Parts of Hvls Ceiling Fan. Each Pkg Contains, 16 Cartons and 6 Pp Gunny Bags (the Product of 6 Cartons Filled in Pp Gunny Bags) of Dupatts (length - 180cms, Width – 20cms) Each Carton Has 200 Dupatta (odhini) I.e 4400 Dupattas, 01 Gunny Bags = 95 Nos Supermax Diamond Wheel, Mpa – 10268, Max Rpm-14500 Rpm, 110(d) X1.8(t) X7.00(w)x 20(h), Standard Germany, 01 Pp Gunny Bag Containing Ball Pen Plastic Caps, 10 Cartons. Each Containing 01 No. Kaeser 6.1989 O/a Air Intake Filter Cartridge for Kaeser Compresor, Big Cartons Containing- Hengst Filter, 01 No. I.v Stand/drip Stand (without Base), Containing 30 Nos. Polyester Filament Yarn Bobbins (white Colour), Diameter of Each Bobbins - 16 Cms, Width of Each Bobbins - 05 Cms, Stc 2 Boxes Conversion Kit for Motor, Air Blower with Motor, 5 Cans of Cellogum Mix Liquid Each of 25 Kgs 2 Cartons = 900 Nos. of Small Packets of Antiflor (expiry Date: 05/2019).) 1 En
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 32537506
Closing Date 26 - Dec - 2018  |  567 Days ago View
Procurement of security item, hand held metal detector, day vision binocular, dragon ligh, torch light, led bulb, trolley mirror handle bar straight or telescopic handle bar ~ .
Sector Health Services/Equipments Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi Tenders Ref.No 32654465
Closing Date 26 - Dec - 2018  |  567 Days ago View
Tender for Supply of Consumable and Non-consumable Items of Physiology and Anatomy Lab -Consumable of Anatomy Lab, Disposable Gloves (M), Formaldehyde (40%), Vaseline, Hand wash, Cotton Rolls 500 gm., Chalks – White ( Kores), Chalks – Colored (Kores), Coloured pencil (Faber, Castle, Hand Sterilizer, Duster Black Board, Non-consumable Items/Components of Anatomy Lab, Transparent lungs Segment (XC-330), Heart (Two Parts) JM.48, Eye Ball in Bony Orbit (JM.27.), Brain two parts (JM.17), Thoracic cage, Joint Showing Movements, (a) Shoulder Joint, (b) Elbow Joint, (c) Radio alnar joint, (d) Joints of hand, (e) Hip joint, (f) Knee joint, (g) Joints of Foot, Vertebral column, Liver (Full Size), Kidney right (full Size), Kidney Left (Full Size), Stomach (Full Size ), Spleen (full size), Male Reproductive Sys Sag – Sagittal Section, Female Reproductive Sys Sag – Sagittal Section, Pancreas, View boxes, Enamel Tray (No cover) (18“ x 30”), Forceps 10” Non teeth (Plain Mouth), 9Dayshuman Blastocyst showing syncitiotropho blast, cytotroph blast & Bilaminar Disc. (JME 2) Embryology, A-13 Day human Blastocyst (JME-4) Embryology, Development of Placenta set of Four Models on Board A,B,C,D, (JME-9) Embryology, Embryo Pear shaped showing Primitive Streak & node. (JME -10.) Embryology, Sagittal Midline Section of Embryos at Various Stages Set of four Models on Stand A,B,C,D (JME-6.) Embryology, Formation notochord. (JME-11.) Embryology, Development Chorionic Villi. (JME-47.) Embryology , Consumable Items of Physiology, Haemocyto meter Set in box, R.B.C. Pipptes marking (0.5,1&101) Large with red Bead with attached tubing, WB.C. Pipettes marking (0.5,1&11) Large with white Bead with attached tubing, Hemoglobin meter (sahli’s) set in box, Improved neubauer counting (Good quality (good quality marking), Hemoglobin meter pipettes marking 20µl (0.02 ml) tubing and mouth (shale's), Hemoglobin meter tube for (sahli’s) comparator Graduate ( gm %), Rod for stirring for hemoglobin meter comparator of above (sahli’s), Dropper for above comparator (sahli’s) , Leishman’s staining (500 ml), Hydrochloride acid (HCL) N/10 ( 500 ml), Hyaline extra (Pure) ( 500 ml), Micro scope slide in ( Blue Star) of one box 50 slides, Micro scopic cover glass for slide, Hand Bell (for exam), Distilled water D/W ( 500 ml), Normal saline N/S ( 500 ml), Capillary tube (Thin) (20 each per pkt.), Cello tape (Adhesive self) ½’’, Filter paper Cat No. 501 Qualitative, 12.5 cm. (100 Circles) Dr. Watts, Cotton Rolls ( 500 gm.per roll), Lancet, E.C.G. paper Rolls, Surgical sprit ( 500 ml), Sprit Swab ( One pkt 50 Pcs.), Disposable Syringe (2ml,3ml,5ml), Wash Bottle (Small with cap dropper), Wintrobe’s Haemato crit tube, Stand For (Wintrobe’s pipettes), Westergren’s pipettes, Stand For ( Westergren’s pipettes), Paster pipettes, Glass Tube/Watch Glass, Glass Marking Pencil, Glass Slides with Well (Not Plain), Disposable Mouth Pieces for Vitalometer, Savolon Liquid (Anti septic) 500 ml., Porcelain Tiles (With holes for Blood grouping), Non-consumable Items/Components of Physiology, Stop Watch, Torch (Small), Stethoscope, Sphygmoman meter Mercury type, Ishihara’s Chart(Test), Accu Chek (Blood Glucose) meter, Accu Chek Blood Glucose meter strips only ., Knee Hammer, Tuning Fork Set (Frequency 128,256,512,1024,), Microscope (Low Power -10X, High Power- Immersion -100X), Enamel Tray (10’’X12’’) No Cap, Vitalometer (with metallic mouth Piece) ~ .
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 32785074
Closing Date 26 - Dec - 2018  |  567 Days ago View
Supply of Laboratory Reagents - HBA ic test cartridges, sterile specimen container, free style optium (H) blood glu test strip ~ for Jnpt Hospital.
Sector Recreational Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu Tenders Ref.No 32785525
Closing Date 22 - Dec - 2018  |  571 Days ago View
Disposal 0f Scrap Items - Empty Paint Tins & Wax Tins, Empty Car Buoys, Scrap Used Oil with Barrels, Scrap Empty Ed Paint Barrels, Used Oil Sludge with Barrel, Scrap Batteries, Empty Grease Barrel, Scrap Cast Aluminium, Aluminum Valves, Ac Pipes, Renewal Plates, Battery Cables, Ecu, Fan Clutch, Fuel Water Separator, Strainer with Trepanning, Dc Convertor, Scrap Misc Containers, All Damaged Tins & Cans, Damaged Containers, Plastic and Metal Bins, Damaged Pvc Containers, Damaged Barrels, Damaged Carbuoys and Babine, Painted Rusted Barrels, Scrap Hr End Bits, Scrap Plastic Waste, Scrap Mixed Fasteners, Scrap Fibre & Rubber, Scrap Sheet Metal Components - Ms Sheet, Cover Plate, Hub Cup, Isn Air Pipes, Fuel Tank, Air Tank, Door Lock Assy, All Brkts, Renewal Plates, Name Plates, Swc, Rupd, Oil Flinger, Silencer Pipes, Hoods, Side Doors, Fenders X Mbr, Wheel Disc, Battery Carrier, Frt Grille, Air Cleaner Kits, Air Cleaner Pipes, Wheel Disc, Cab Mtg Structure, Fuel Indicators, Steering Rod, Stg Coloum, Scrap Defaced Cabin, Scrap Ms Shot and Dust, Scrap Still Age & Platforms, Cotton Waste, Scrap Hoop Iron Band, Scrap Broken Glass, Rusted Banded Wire, Noise Sheild, Floor Mat, Coils, Waste Rubber & Fibre, Filters, Furniture Items, Paint & Rusted Bolt-nut Washers, Smp Steel Punching Scrap Steel, Tyre, Tube and Flaps, Scrap Cast Iron & Forging Casting & Forging Scrap, Axle Beam, Engine Block, Clutch Cover Assy, Track Rod Lever, Slack Adjuster, Axle Housing, Distance Piece, Lock Nut, Ring, King Pin and Other Forged Parts, Damaged Radiator Scrap, Auto Components Scrap, Scrap Wiring Harness and Hoses, Speedometer, Gauges, Mirrors, Head Lamps, Indicator Lamps, Oil Seal, Switches, Cluster Board, Switch Panel Boards, Plant Engg Items Like Over Head Cranes, Motors, Hand Tools, Damaged Bearings, Ms Packing Cabin, Fsm End Bits Scrap, Axle Casing Scrap, Scrap Driver Seat, Scrap Slits, Absolute Engine Scrap, Scrap Motors & Accessories, Used Canteen Utensils Scrap, Scrap Lcv Fes ~ .
Sector Recreational Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State Tenders Ref.No 32829332
Closing Date 20 - Dec - 2018  |  573 Days ago View
Auction sale of cSealed Window Items - 211 No Scrap Door Materials - 334 N Scrap Pvc Items - 1 Lot , S No : 4 - Scrap Bought Out Items - 2740 No , S No : 5 - Scrap Electrical Items - 1 Lot [per Lot Basis], S No : 6 - Assorted Scrap (sundries) - 416 No , S No : 7 - Scrap Epdm Rubber - 1 Lot , S No : 8 - Scrap Adhesive And Paint - 1 Lot [per Lot Basis], S No : 9 - Scrap Fasteners - 1 Lot [per Lot Basis], S No : 10 - Scrap Insulation - 1 Lot , S No : 11 - Scrap Seat Assy - 1 Lot , S No : 12 - Scrap Glassses - 1 Lot , S No : 13 - Scrap Galavanised Iron Pipes - 1 Lot ~
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu Tenders Ref.No 32520574
Closing Date 18 - Dec - 2018  |  575 Days ago View
Supply of Pillar Box ~ Made of Fibre Glass Reinforced Polyester and Fiber Retardant Electrical and Mechanical Corrosion Resistance and Confirming to Self Extinguishing. Dimensions of Enclosure: 530 X 450 X 175 Mm and All Dimentions Tolerance + Or - 20 Mm, 4mm Wall Thickness with Side Hinge and Locking and Unlocking Arrangement with Screw in Four Corners and with the Provision of Separate Smc Mounting Sheet for Fixing Contactors, Mcccb' S, Timers etc.
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 32724893
Closing Date 18 - Dec - 2018  |  575 Days ago View
Supply of Auto Parts Such as Headlamps, Fuel Pump, Clutch Disc, Carbon Brushes, Glow Plugs, Leather Raw Material, Dining Table Related Items (top(mdf)-9 Ctns, Wooden Stand-3 Ctns, Frame Steel/wooden- 6 Ctns,shelf-2 Ctns,glass Top-22 Ctns,legs-13ctns,chair Upper -14 Ctns,chairs -51 Ctns), Revolving Chair Parts-18 Ctns, Revolving Chairs-13 Ctns,3 Seater Sofa-6 Ctns,pillows-10 Pcs, Single Seater Sofa Chair-6 Ctns,cabinet Shelf(mdf)-5 Ctns, Side Table-6 Ctns, Gift Items-1 Ctn, Energy King Massager-5 Ctns, M/functional Massage Chair-2 Ctns, Dressing Table Related Items(shelf Glass-5 Ctns, Stool-5 Ctns, Glass+frame-4 Ctns, Dresser/night Stand-53 Ctns, Mirror-6 Ctns, Leg+accessories-10 Ctns, Metal Parts-2 Ctns), Bed Items - 113 Ctns, Desk-4 Ctns, Desk Top-6 Ctns, Decorative Parts-1 Ctns, Wardrobe-147 Ctns, Single Wardrobe Door-2 Ctns, Wardrobe Mirror-4 Ctns, Hardware Accessories for Wardrobe-10 Ctns, Metal Folding Parts for Furniture-4 Ctns, Cabinet-7 Ctns, Drawer Chest-1 Ctn, Steel Coating Corner Pcs (magnetic)-1 Ctn, Empty Boxes-1 Ctn, Rough Wooden Planks-10 Ctns, Pkgs in Damage Condition-9 Ctns, Glitter Eyeliner, 1512 Tins of Glysolid Cream of 250 Ml (exp Date 01/2021), 3024 Tins of Glysolid Cream of 125 Ml (exp Date 02/2021), 1080 Tins of Glysolid Cream of 80 Ml ((exp Date 02/2021) , 29 Tins of Kamill Cream of 150 Ml (exp Date 05/2020), 24 Bottles of 250 Ml of Glysolid Body Lotion (exp Date 07/2020), 24 Bottles of 250 Ml of Kamill Body Lotion (exp Date 03/2020), 800 Sample Pouches of Glysolid Cream of 1 Ml, Polyester Dyed Fabrics ~ .
Sector Health Services/Equipments Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi Tenders Ref.No 32449077
Closing Date 11 - Dec - 2018  |  582 Days ago View
Tender for Supply of Equipments - Sanding Unit For UE Reciprocal Exercise, Semi-Circular Sanding, Horizontal Sanding Table, Sanding Unit Vertical, Foot Roller, Set Of 12 Balls Of Different Size, Texture, Resistance, Weight And Color, For Hand Exercise, Weight Cuff Set, Adjustable Treatment Table, Posture Mirror, Treatment Bed (6X6), Peg With 3 Different Shapes, Blocks – 2 Different Shapes, Walker, Rollator, Hemiwalker, Walking Stick, Quadripod, Tripods, Wrist Circumducator, Standing Table, Plinth, Patients Stools, Patients Chairs, Activity Table, Parallel Bars, Stair And Ramp, Bolster, Activity Mattress, Wedges, Wooble Board, Electrically Operated Tilt Table, Mannual Jogger, Stepper, Nesting Furniture, Ball Medicine With Cabinet, Trampoline With Stand, Pronation And Supination Board, Palsiticine All Resistance And Board, Pronator-Supinator Wall Mounted, Dumbble Set With Stand, Therabands, Jammar Hand Dynamometer, Vestibular Board Large Size, Wheelchair ~ for Development of Occupational Therapy Neuro rehabilitation Unit
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