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Product Detail : Supply of acids and chemicals - acacia powder(enzyme free) gum acacia , acetaldehyde soln. abt 20%-30% pract, acetamide(for synthesis), acetamidinium chloride , acetanilide (for synthesis), acetate buffer solution ph 4-6, acetic acid glacial extra pure , acetic acid glacial extra pure , acetic acid glacial ar aldehyde free, acetic acid glacial extra aldehyde free , acetic acid glacial for hplc & spectroscopy, acetic acid glacial for hplc & spectroscopy, acetic anhydride , aceto acetanilide, acetocarmine staining solution , acetocarmine staining solution , acetone , acetone , acetone hplc grade, acetonitrile ep, acetonitrile ep , acetonitrile for pesticide residue trace analysis, acetonitrile hplc grade, acetophenone , acetyl acetone for synthesis, acetyl bromide, acetyl chloride , acid fast staining kit , acid mixture phosphoric & sulfuric , acid molybdate for phosphate determination , acrylic acid 99%, acrylamide, activated charcoal phosforous free for soil test , activated charcoal phosforous free for soil test , activated charcoal decolorizing powder , adipic acid , adnine for biochemistry, aesculin hydrate 98%, agar agar(for bacteriological), agar agar ( for ultra pure) , agrose for electerophoresis , b -alanine for bio chemistry , dl- alanine for biochemistry , l-alanine , dl- alanine for biochemistry , albert stain 'a' sol, albert stain ‘b’ soln., alar (b-9) , albumen bovine , alizarin ar red ph indicator, alazarin green s green , alazarin red b, alkaline copper soln.(folin and wu), allyl alcohol, alcohol ep , aluminum (metal) fine powder, alumnium foil roll ar , alumnium aas staining solution , alumnium acetate , aluminum ammonium sulfate 12 hydrate ep, aluminum chloride anhydrous (for synthesis), alumnium flouride , alumnium hydroxide gel, alumnium isoproproxide , aluminum nitrate , alumnium oxide ( acidic & basic), alumnium oxide ( neutral) , aluminum potassium sulfatelr, alumnium sulfate purified, aluminum phosfate , aluminium powder , aluminum soln. abt. 30%, alumnium reagent , amaranth (r.i 85%), amarlite xad -7, amarlite xad -16, amarlite mb-20, amino acteic acid ( glyceine 98%0 , amino acid kit of 24 item ( for biochemistry), 4-amino benzoic acid , 4-amino benzene, 4-amino antipyridine , 4-aminopyridine , ammonia buffer solution , ammonia solution 25% extra pure , ammonia solution abt 25% , ammonium acetate crystal ep, ammonium acetate hplc, ammonium adipate , ammonium alumnium sulfate 99%, ammonium bicarbonate , ammonium bismuth citrate for microbiology , ammonium bifloride , ammonium bromide , ammonium benzoate , ammonium carbonate , ammonium ceric nitrate , ammonium cerric sulfate, ammonium citrate , ammonium chloride, ammonium dichromate , ammonium dihydrogen orthophosfate , ammonium dihydrogen orthophosfate for hplc, ammonium ferric citrate , ammonium ferric sulphate, ammonium ferric sulphate , ammonium flouride, ammonium formate , ammonium hydroxide , ammonia solution 30%, ammonium iodide, ammonium metavandate , ammonium molybdate , ammonium molybdate , ammonium nickel sulphate , ammonium nitrate, ammonium oxalate , ammonium per sulfate extra pure , ammonium pyrolidine , ammonium potassium oxalate , ammonium perpurate (mureoxide), ammonium reineckate , ammonium sulphamate, ammonium sulfate purified, ammonium sulphide solu. (yellow), ammonium thiocynate crystals ep, ammonium tartrate , amyl acetate (iso) pract, amyl alcohol pure iso purified , aniline for synthesis , aniline blue diammonium salt , aniline hydrochloride , aniline sulfate , ortho anisidine , para -anisidine , m-ansidine, anisole (methoxy benzene), anthracene pure 97%, antimony(metal) powder, antimony metal lumps , antimony potassium (+)tartrate , antimony sulfide black ( antimony trisulfide), antimony trichloride crystal pure , antimony trioxide , antimony aas standard solution , antipyridine (phenazone), d(-)arabinose ar for biochemistry , l(+)arbinose for biochemistry , d(+)arbitol for biochemistry , l(-) arbitol for biochemistry , l-arginine(base)for biochemistry , arsenic trioxide pract, l-ascorbic acid (vitamin c) for biochemistry , l-asparagine monohydrochloride for biochemistry , dl-aspartic acid for bio chemistry , aspirin ( acetyl salicyclic acid) , azur a (m.s) , azur i (m.s) , azur bm.s) , azur ii (m.s) , azur eosine m.s , barbituric acid for synthesis, barium aas standard solution , barium acetate , barium bromide , barium borate , barfoed’s reagent, barium carbonate, barium chloride , barium chromate , barium diphenylamine sulphonate ar, barium hydroxide, barium nitrate purified, barium oxalate, barium phosfate , barium peroxide (barium dioxide), barium sulphate , barium sulfite, barium tartrate, balsam canada, balsam canada, basic fushsin m.s.( dye content-88%), beef extract powder bacteriological, beef extract bacteriological, bees wax (white), bees wax (white), benedicts reagent (qualitative), benedicts reagent (quantitive), bentonite powder (alumnium silicate hydrate), benzalacetone , benzaldehy
Document Sale To : 24-3-2020 at 10:30 Hrs
Tender Location : Himachal Pradesh - India
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Tender Value : 5369826
Tender EMD : 250000
Tender Document Fees : 500
Tender Closing Date : 21/04/2020 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 21/04/2020 at 11:00 Hrs.
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Sub-Industry/Industry : Industrial Development Agencies - Financial Services   
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