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Sector abcSecurity ServicesTender ValueINR 40 Lakhs
LocationRajasthan - India Ref.No39612294
Closing Date10 - Jun - 2020
Purchase 0f lab reagents items - hydrogen peroxide solution bott of 500 ml, dextrose monohydrate for oral use in pack of 100 gm with or without vitamins and minerals, strip indicators for sterilisation control (for testing sterility of drums), vaccum blood collection tubes with needles edta 3ml, vaccum blood collection tubes with needles heparin 3ml, vaccum blood collection tubes with needles sterile tube with gel-5ml (material-plastic/glass), vaccum blood collection tubes with needles sterile tube with out gel - 5ml, vaccum blood collection tubes with needles sodium citrate - 3ml, vaccum blood collection tubes with needles and additives sodium fluoride/sodium fluoride+k3edta in tubes of vol 02 ml, microscope bulbs, envelope polythene 10 x 12.5 cm with self closing facility, agglutination tube (felix)50 mmx12 mm, disposable lancet for finger prick, pkt of 100, elisa reader,thermal paper for, glass, cover microscopic rectangular, 22 x 30mm made of usp no1 glass, replaces glass, cover, microscopic, rectangular pv 16442 22x50 mm made of usp no 1 glass pkt of 14 gm, paper, filter, round (greens no. 795) 9 cm, pkt of 100, paper, filter, square, (greens no. 795) 51cm x 51cm, pkt of 100, semi auto analyser, printing paper roll for (size-55 mm), tube, test, 100 mm x 12 mm, rimless, wire, nichrome, 24 swg, acetone commercial, acetic acid glacial (analar), acid, hydrochloric arrenic fire., acid nitricum., acid, periodic ar., acid, sulphosalicylic ar, acid, sulphuric (commercial)., albumin bovine 20% solution, bottle of 10ml, alcohol amyl, alcohol dehydrated, alcohol methyl, benedict solution, qualitative., blood agar base (infusion agar), brain heart infusion broth with paba & agar, liquor formaldehyde 40 % w/v, di-sodium-hydrogen phosphate (anhydrous), d p x mounting med, glycerine ar (glycerol), hiv i & ii rapid test kit, hepatitis b surface antigen (hbsag) detection elisa kit of 96 tests, hiv antibody 1 & 2 detection elisa kit for 96 tests., lithium carbonate ar, mac conkey agar, methylene blue, mueller hinton agar, peptone water, potassium di-hydrogen phosphate, potassium hydroxide (caustic potash)., potassium phosphate (dipotassium hydrogen phosphate), prothrombin time reagents to give control of 10-14 secs, pttk reagent, sodium nitrite, sodium nitroprusside a.r., stain fuchsin acid, stain fuchsin basic, stain giemsa, stain leishmans powder., stain malachite green, stain methylene blue, stain phenol red, triphenyl tetrazolium chloride (ttc) tetrazolium salt, triple sugar iron agar, xylene (xylol pure), double blood bag of 350ml with 49ml cpd-a anticoagulant made up of non toxic plastic, transfer blood bag 100ml capacity (paediatric), hcv elisa kit (advanced 3rd generation), 4th generation hiv rapid test, serum anti d igg + igm (for saline tube test), serum anti human globulin, serum haemaglutinating gp. a (anti-b) (monoclonal), serum haemaglutinating gp. b (anti-a) (monoclonal), serum haemaglutinating gp. c (anti-ab) (monoclonal), serum anti a-1, serum anti h, serum anti d 1gg, alkaline phosphatase (2x44/2x11 ml), lipase (1x44/1x11 ml), albumin(10x44 ml), amylase(5x22 ml), bilirubin direct (6x44/3x22 ml), total bilirubin (6x44/3x22 ml), calcium (10x12 ml, cholesterol (10x44 ml), creatinine (5x44/5x11 ml), glucose (10x44 ml), hdl cholesterol (4x30/4x10 ml), ldl cholesterol (2x30/2x10 ml), total protein (10x44 ml), triglycerides (5x44/5x11 ml), urea(5x44/5x11 ml), uric acid(5x44/5x11 ml), ggt (2x44/2x11 ml), erba norm (1x5 ml), erba path (1x5 ml), erba xl multical (4x3 ml), cuvette for em 360, ck mb (2x44/2x11 ml), ck nac (2x44/2x11 ml), ldh (2x44/2x11 ml), phosphorous (10x12 ml), micro protein (10x12 ml), sgpt (6x44/3x22 ml), sgot (6x44/3x22 ml), crp quantitative test (2x22 /1x11 ml), ra factor quantitative test (1x22/1x5.5 ml), sample cup (0.5 ml), pm kit(em-360), complete tubing set( em-360), appen droff tube, cell pack solution(20 ltr), cell cleaner solution(50 ml), wbc/hgb lysed reagent (sromatolyser) 500 ml, control(1x3) for sysmax kx-21, printing paper 110 mm, calibrator for sysmax kx- 21, bact/alert blood culture infants, bact/alert blood culture adults (aerobic), bact/alert blood culture adults ( an aerobic), t3 elisa kit(96 test), t4 elisa kit(96 test), tsh elisa kit(96 test), crp (100 test/kit), ra factor(100 test/kit), aso (100 test/kit), widal(4x5 ml) , dengue (ns1,igg/igm)rapid test, malaria parachek card for 50 tests, occult blood(50 test) kit, g6pd kit (12 test), pregnancy test card, chikengunya rapid test kit, h1n1 rapid test kit, viral transport media(50 test), disposable n95 mask for h1n1, esr tube, typhi dot igm (50 test), ketosticks (100 strips), uristickes (100 stripes), urine container (50 ml), sterile urine container (50 ml) single packed, chloroform, reticulocyte diluting fluid (25ml), platelet diluting fluid(500ml), semen diluting fluid(500ml), leishman powder , gimsa powder, auto pipette multi channel, auto pipette (5-50 ul), auto pipette (50-200 ul), tissue paper roll, thy
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