Inquiry For Liaison Service
Sector abcEducation And Research InstituteTender Value 80 Lakhs
LocationMadhya Pradesh - India Ref.No39153391
Closing Date13 - Apr - 2020
Supply of kits/chemicals/stationary/glass ware - acid phosphates kit, albumin, alkaline phosphates kit, amylase, aptt, aso titre test, billirubin direct, billirubin total, blood urea kit, calcium, chicken gunia rapid kit igm, cholesterol kit, ck-mb, cpk mb, c-reactive protein, rpr, crp kit, csf protein , dengue rapid kit for igg & igm, dengue rapid kit for igg&igm, drinking water testing (12 parameters), factor 8,9 kit, g6pd kit, glucose kit god method, glycosylate hb%, hbsag card test, mountax test 5 tu/ppd, pragnancy test hcg card test, pregnancy test, latex agglutination inhibition test, prothombin time kit, ra factor test, rapid test kit for anti hcv ab, s.acid phosphtac, s.alkaline phosphate, s.analyese, s.cholestrol kit, s.glucose kit, s.h.d.l., s.triglyceride, s.uric kit, serum bilirubin kit, serum calcium kit, serum cretinine kit, serum protein kit, serum uric acid kit, sgot, sgpt, t3 elisa test kit, t4 elisa test kit, total protein, triglyceride kit, tsh elisa test kit, urea enzymatic, urea kit, vdrl card test -tpha, vdrl latex test/ rpr, widal kit, widal test, consumables for fully automated biochemistry analizer -closed system (make-erba model- elite- 580) , erba protime ls, erba sample cuvette for pt inr, erba elite h580 lyse 1, erba elite h580 lyse 2, erba elite h580 lyse 3, erba elite h-clean, erba elite h580 diluent, erba glucose (10 x44ml), erba hdl cholesterol with calibrator ( 4x30 / 4x10 ml ) - system pack, erba triglyceride { r1- 5 x 44 ml / r2- 5 x 11 ml } (system pack), erba cholesterol { r1- 10 x 44 ml } (system pack), erba urea { r1- 5 x 44 ml / r2- 5 x 11 ml } (system pack), erba creatinine { r1- 5 x 44 ml / r2- 5 x 11 ml } (system pack), erba sgot ( 6x44/3x22 ml), erba sgpt ( 6x44/3x22 ml), erba bilirubin-direct { 6 x 44 ml / 3 x 22 ml } (system pack), erba bilirubin-total { 6 x 44 ml / 3 x 22 ml } (system pack), erba uric acid (5 x 11 ml/ 5 x 4 ml), erba albumin , erba total protein { 10 x 44 ml } (system pack), erba calcium (5 x 6 ml), erba alkaline phos ( 5 x 22 ml/ 5 x 6.8 ml), erba lipase (1x44 ml r2; 1x11 ml), erba amylase (5 x 11 ml), erba ckmb (2 x 11 ml / 2 x 4 ml), erba gamma gt (2 x 22 ml 2 x 6.8 ml), erba hba1c system pack , erba adenosine deaminase (ada) , erba magnesium , erba auto wash kit ((10x100ml) system pack), erba xl multical ({ 4 x 3 ml } (system pack)), erba path kit , erba norm kit , consumables for fully automated biochemistry analizer -closed system (make-randox model-imola) , albumin (liquid) (9x15), alt (gpt) (liquid) (r1 6x51, r2 6x14), alk.phos (liquid) (r1 6x51, r2 6x14), ast(got) liquid (r1 6x51, r2 6x14), amylase (liquid) (r14x16, r2 4x5), bilrubin (direct) (liquid) (r1 2x30, r2 8x4), bilirubin (total) (r1 2x50, r2 8x4), calcium (liquid) (mono reagent) (9x51), co2 total (r1 4x21.7), cholesterol (liquid) (9x51), hdl- cholesterol (liquid) (r1 3x51, r2 3x20), ldl- cholesterol (liquid) (r1 3x51, r2 3x20), ck-nac (r1 4x20, r2 4x6), ck-mb (r1 4x20, r2 4x6), complement component 3 (liquid) (r1 3x20, r2 3x6), complement component 4 (liquid) (r1 3x20, r2 3x6), crp (liquid) (r1 6x20, r2 3x9), creatinie (liquid) (r1 6x51, r2 3x28), ferritin (r1 3x20, r2 3x11), fructosamine (liquid) (r1 4x19.8, r2 4x6.9), glucose (liquid) (9x51), gamma-gt (liquid) (r1 6x51, r2 6x14), hba1c/hb (liquid) (r1 3x14, r2 3x14), haptoglobin (r1 1x12, r2 2x2.75), lga (liquid) (r1 3x20 ,r2 3x14), lgg (liquid) (r1 3x20 ,r2 3x14), lgm (liquid) (r1 3x20), lactate (4x95t), ld pyruvate-lactate (liquid) (r1 6x20, r2 3x11), ld lactate- pyruvate (liquid) (r1 6x20, r2 3x18), lipase (r1 3x9 , r2 3x6), lithium _2(liquid) (r1 2x18.3 r2 2x6.5), aso (r1 2x9, r2 2x14), apolipoprotein a-1(liquid) (r1 4x30, r2 4x12), apolipoprotein b (liquid) (r1 4x20, r2 4x6), microalbumin (liquid) (r1 6x20, r2 3x8), mahesium(liquid)(mono reagent) (6x20), myglobin (liquid) (r1 1x7 , r2 1x6), transthyretin (prealbumin)(liquid) (r1 6x20, r2 3x11), phosphorus (inorganic)(liquid) (r1 6x20, r2 3x20), rheumatoid factor (liquid) (r1 2x20, r2 2x8), phenobarbital (r1 2x17,r2 2x6), phenytoin (r1 2x17, r 2x6), digoxin (r1 2x8, r2 2x6), theophylline (r1 2x17, r2 2x5), gentamicin (r1 2x15, r2 2x5), valproic acid (r1 2x12, r2 2x5), carbamazapine (r1 2x12, r2 2x5), wash solution no1 (6x25), wash solution no2 (6x25), wash solution no3 (6x25), c1 wash solution no (2500), iron (liquid) (r1 6x20, r2 3x11), transferrin (liquid) (r1 6x20, r2 3x14), total iron binding capacity (r1 4x9, r2 4x4), total protein (liquid) (mono reagent) (9x51), triglycerides (liquid) (6x51), uric acid (liquid) (r1 6x51, r24x20), urea (liquid) (r1 6x51, r24x20), calibration sera level 3 (20x5), hdl/ldl-cholesterol calib. (3x1), ck-mb control (10x2), ck-mb calib. (10x1), crp calib.(multi-point, liquid) (3x1), hba1c calib. series (1x8, 5x2), hba1c control level 1 and level 2 (2x2x0.5), human assayed multi-sera level 3 (20x5), human assayed multi-sera level 2 (20x5), lipid control level 1 (5x3), lipid control level 2 (5x3), lipid control level 3 (5x3), aso. cal
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