Inquiry For Liaison Service
Sector abcHealth Services/EquipmentsTender Value 2 Crore
LocationKerala - India Ref.No39001362
Closing Date15 - Apr - 2020
Supply of laboratory consumables - albumin, micro albumin, alkaline phospahte, sgpt, amylase, sgot, hba1c, aso, bilirubin total, bilirubin direct, calcium, cholesterol, c3, c 4, ceruloplasmine, ck, ck mb, creatinine, crp, glucose, ggt, hdl, iga, igm, igg, iron, ldh, ldl, lipase, megnesiumammonia, phosphorous, rf/ra, tp, uric acid, urea, urine/csf albumin, copper, lactate, pyruvate, lithium, anti a+b+d (blood grouping reagent), urine glucose protein 100 strip, urine glucose ketone 100 strip, urine multistrip 10 parameter -100 strip, stool occult blood card, anti humen globulin ( coombs reagent), brilliant cresy blue 100 ml, immersion oil 25 ml, normal saline 500ml, benedicts reagent, malaria card, pregnancy card, sodium hypoclorite 5 ltr, microscopic slide (50 nos), ria tube with cap ( 100 nos ), hitachi cups ( 500 nos pkt ), blue tips ( 500 nos ), white tips ( 1000 nos ), micro centrifuge tube 1.5 ml ( 500 nos pkt ), esr pipette (disposable), cover glass 22 mm, pasteur pipette, sterile water/injection water (10 ml), trop t, trop i, pt reagent, aptt reagent, cacl2wbc diluting fluid- 500 ml, csf diluent 250ml, ehrlich reagent 125 ml, eosinophil diluting fluid - 125 ml, erhlichs aldehyde solution 250ml, fouchet reagent 125ml, fouchet reagent 125ml, platelet diluting fluid, reticulocyte diluting fluid 125ml, seliwanoff's reagent 125 ml, semen diluting fluid 100ml, counting chamber for rbc wbc platelet and sperm, manual cell counter, turks fluid, semen diluting fluid, neubauer chamber, counting chamber for rbc wbc platelet and sperm, manual cell counter, hb hemoglobin test strip (50 strip)hiv card test 1&2, hiv card test combi, hbsag card, hcv card, syphilis vdrl card, paul bunnel / monospot, syphilis rpr reagent, tpha card, tpha ( hem aglutination ), dengue igg/igm card, leptospira igg/igm card, chikenguniya card, scrub card test, entrocheck, dengue ns1 ag card, dengue ns1 ag +igg/igm card, mac conkey agar platessyringes 5ml, syringes 10 ml, needles 22g, needles 23 g, needles 24g, cotton 500 gm, elastoplasts, protective mask small, protective mask medium, protective mask large, microscope glass slides (76x26 mm)-clear glass, ground edges, microscopic cover glass(no 1, english glass), blotting paper3 ml syringe (needle -24g x 1"), 5 ml syringe (needle -23g x 1"), 5 ml syringe (needle -24g x 1"), 5 ml syringe (without needle), 10 ml syringe (needle -21g x 1"), 10 ml syringe (needle -21g x 1.5"), 10 ml syringe (needle -22g x 1"), 10 ml syringe (without needle), 20 ml syringe (needle -21g x 1 1/2"), 20 ml syringe luer slip (without needle), 20 ml syringe luer lock (without needle), 50 ml syringe luer lock (without needle), vaccutainer stands (50 tubes) plastic, vaccutainer stands (100 tubes) plastic, blood collection culture bottele, vacutainer sst yellow 3.5 ml (vaccum)(100 pcs) plastic, edta purple k2 (2 ml)(vcuum) 100pcs plastic, sodium flouride grey 2 ml (vccum)100 pcs plastic, sodium citrate black 2.7 ml (vaccum) 100 pcs plastic, sodium citrate blue 3.8 ml (vaccum)100pcs plastic for hll lifecare diagnostic laboratories (hindlabs) across india.
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