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Sector abcHealth Services/EquipmentsTender Value 20 Lakhs
LocationRajasthan - India Ref.No39170716
Closing Date08 - Apr - 2020
Supply of surgical equipment and ojar, oxygen cycilindra 220 cft isi, bp instrument desk top with floor stand, iv drip stand iran 4 feet, ambo beg / adult / pad, patient trolley - iran, nubelozar, glucometer, trolley wheel 6 "full, rubberized hospital coir meter length 190.5 cm x width 91.4 cm x thickness 10.2 cm, oxygen cylinder trolley 110,, oxygen cylinder trouble 220, oxygen cylinder 40,, oxygen regulator with oxidizer, sahli hb meter, sahil hb tube, sahil hb pipete, new bars chamber couplings, wbc pipet, trbc pipette, needle searing destroyer, centrifuge machine, micro scope telescope, a shaker, hb meter, hb tube glass, glass slide (1 * 100), filler paper, pt vial (prothrobin time walk), capillary tub, test tub stand, slide rack, stain stick, esr stand, esp tube, p.c.v. tub, esr pump, stop looking, the fridge, scissor bullant / sharp, blood mixture, alicric rod (electrode) chest, ecg bulway, ecg clip, bed side screen, patient architect, artary, weighing machine electronic adult, weight machine electronic pediatric, weight machine paedtric, weight machine adult, blood beg carrier (100 beg carrier), stethoscope, artistic army, oligo force, oligo force fates, needle holder, kochhar artery 6 ”st, kochhar artery 6 ”curved, kochhar artery 12 ”curved, chetul forsaf, sponge holder force, bp3 no3 no, b p hadal no4 no, bp handle number 7, gauge cutting scissors, iris scissors, tonsil scissors, episiotomy scissors, seam cutting scissors, towel clip, enteric clump, director of fistula, mayo scissors, tongue biceps, ear glasses, nasal speculum, ear probe small size, tea laryngeal mirror, head light with eliminator, bull eye lamp, nasal dressing forceps, diagnostic ent set complete, s s tray 11 "x7" with lid, dressing drum ss, fire current system 5kg, oxygen key, thermometer electronic, extraction forceps set, upper molar (right), upper molar (left), lower molar extraction forceps, upper health extraction forceps, upper premier extraction forceps, root forceps, straight lift, career lift (right), serial lift (left), apexo lift (right), apexo lift (left), digger machine, mirror top with handle, the inspection, twiser, explorer (curved), plastic filling equipment, bone stick, wire cutter, iron wire, piece of wire, spatula for cement mixing, dental material, zinc oxide powder, user liquid 100 ml, glass inverter cement, calcium hydroxide powder, spo2 sensor for floss oximeter, d.h.s. set plate all sizes, d.h.s. screw (foot screw), d.h.s. for cortical screw 4 mm, inter locking famer nail all size, locking belt 3.9 mm / 4.9 mm all sizes, morning all prostheses, d.c.p. plate for small ergon 5,6,7,8,9 hole, d.c.p. plate holes for large ergulation, cortical screw for cp plate 3.5mm number 12,14,16,18,20,22, tenth nail (flexillate nail) 2,2.5,3,3.5 mm, p.f.n. set with nails with all sizes, screw driver set, consulate guide set set, wholesale o2 regulator, ecg machine 12 channels, x ray view box, lead number 0 to 9, lead apron, glycerin syringe, eustachion tube catherter, suction machine, fess set, 0/70 dergy telescope with pv / camera, smr and septoplasty set, led head light, anterior commissar laryosocpe, hypopharyngoscope, oesophagoscope, tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy set, mastoidectomy set with drill machine, tympanoplasty set (micro ear surgery), operating microscope for ear surgery, o.t. spot light single dome, bone cement, bmw trolley, gum boot, k wire cutter big, circular wire 18, 20,, schiotz tonometer, ishihara coloring book, direct ophthalmoscope heine (with chargeables battery), trial lens set (aluminum metal fitted lens), sight drum distance (illuminated), myopia drum (illuminated), ophthalmic chair unit, hain rechargeable ophthmoscope battery b-2000, test frame (adult size), upper and lower teeth removal sets, to root, criter set, elevator set, ultrasonic scalar with set, air roter, artery up, mirror with top, presenter, glass jar steel deccan with 1 liter, multi para monitor, ekarahil fogure, auto clam single (tap), cataract operating instrument set, direct eyeball with battery (hines), pbuying set, waxing force, led torch, microscope bulb, trolley wheel 4 '' full, linen trolley puri, dressing trolley, puncture proof box white (sharp container) 3 litter, digital touch thermometer, suction jar full set with stand, foot operated dustbin 25 litter (yellow, blue, black, red), oxygen flow meter complete set (according to hospital), wheel chair with rear spoke.
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