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Sector abcSecurity ServicesTender ValueINR 15 Lakhs
LocationMaharashtra - India Ref.No38646517
Closing Date18 - Feb - 2020
Supply of lab btd paediatric department items, sta coag control (r1-1x12 r2 1x12), appt reagent (r1 rx6 r2 -6x 5 ml)`, prtothrombin time (r1 rx6 r2 6x5 ml), sta steel ball (1x1850 ball/ bottle), widal kit, dengue combo card, urine specific gravityu test stril 1x100, em 360 erba analyzer cuvette, total protien system pack (10x44ml)/kit, erba xl multical (4x3 ml)/kit, pm kit for em 360 bio chem analyser, amylase system pack (5x22ml/kit), albumin system pack (10x44ml/kit), calcium system pack (10x12 ml/kit), cholesterol system pack (10x44m/kit)), creatinine system pack r1(5x44ml), r2(5x11ml)/kit, glucose system pack (10x44ml)/kit, hdl system pack r1(4x30ml), r2 (4x10ml)/kit, triglyceride system pack r1(5x44ml), r2(5x11ml), sgot system pack r1(4x34ml),r2(4x17ml)/kit, sgpt system pack r1(4x34ml), r2(4x17ml)/kit, uric acid system pack r1(5x44ml), r2(5x11ml)/kit, ggt system pack r1(2x44ml), r2(2x11ml)/kit, phosphorus system pack (10x12ml)/kit, urea system pack r1(5x44ml), r2(5x11ml)/kit, bilirubin total system pack r1(6x44),r2(3x22ml), bilirubin direct system pack r1(6x44),r2(3x22ml), alkaline phosphatase system pack r1(2x44ml) r2(2x11ml), ldh system pack r1(02x44ml), r2(02x11ml)/kit, stromatolyser 4 dl (1x5 ltr/pack) (5 parts), sulfolyser (1x5ltr/pack) (5 parts), e- check (xs)(1x3vail/pack) (5 parts), e check control- high(xs) pack (3part), l j medium slant readymade(1x1), blood culture bottle (paed) bactec , sterile urine culture container (1x500 /box), pregnancy test (1x50test/kit), formaldehyde solution (1x5 ltr)/can, stromatolyser wh 500ml pack, tissue paper role, slide tray metal for 24 slides, slide microscope (rohem instrument pvt ltd 766x26x0.95 mm), glucose powder, hiv tridot (100 test of kit) , hbsag rapid test (100 test of kit), hcv rapid(tridot) test (100 test of kit), hiv elisa kit of 96 , hbsag elisa kit of 96 , hcv elisa kit of 96 , vdrl cassette (100 test of kit) , blood bag triple with sagm ( pkt of 04), blood bag double ( pkt of 06), ra factor , crp , aso, serum anti "a" , serum anti "b" , serum anti "ab" , anti "d" igm (mono) , serum ahg , micro tips 0-200 ul (500 of pkt), serum bovine albumin, malaria rapid test (25 test of kit), lactin anti a1, lactin anti h, lancet (pkt of 200), anti "d" igg (poly) , cefadroxil 125mg/5ml syp , cephalexin 125mg/5ml syp , syp azithromycin 200 mg per ml, azithromycin 100mg/5ml syp , hydroxyzine 10mg/5ml syp, spacer device for inhaler zerostat vt, montelukast 4mg tab , syp zinc (20mg elemental zinc/5ml) 100 ml bott , zinc acetate 20 mg/5 ml 60 ml bott syp, drop antispasmodic (dicyclomine 10 mg + simethicone 40 mg/ml), antispasmodic (simethicone 40mg+ dil oil 0.0005ml+fennel oil 0.00007ml/ml)drops , budesonide 100mcg/dose inhaler , budesonide 200 mg inhaler, fluticasone 250mcg + salmeterol 50mcg/dose inhaler , spacer with mask for inhaler zero stat vt , peak flowmeter (breathometer), fluticasone nasal spray 50mcg/puff 100-120 mdi, decongestant (phenylephrine & chlorophenaramine 60 ml)(zubentus, apex)syp , decongestant (phenylephrine & chlorophenaramine and paracetamol of 60 ml syp , inhaler formeterol 6mcg + budesonide 200mcg/dose 120 dose in dose counter, pediatric fluticasone 100 mic and salmeterol 50mic accuhaler inh, mometasone nasal spray 50mcg/puff 100-120 mdi, syp monteleukast 4mg + levocetrizine 2.5 ml / 5 ml, ambroxol (30 mg/ml of 100 ml bott) syp, multivitamin & multiminerals containg vit a,d,e,c,b complex,biotin,copper,magnese,zinc ,cromium,iodine,bott of 200 ml (bevon/full 365) syp , multivitamin & multiminerals containg vit a,d,e,c,b complex,biotin,copper,magnese,zinc ,cromium,iodine,bott of 15ml (bevon/full 365) drops , multivitamin drops with constituents having vit a-1400-1600 iu/ml, vit b1-0.3-0.6 mg/ml, vit b2-0.3-0.8 mg/ml, b6-0.2-0.6 mg/ml, vit c-20-30 mg/ml, vit d-200-400 iu/ml in bottle of 15ml, syp expectorant containing ambroxol and levosalbutamol , ranitidine 75mg/ml 100 ml bottle syp, poly ethylene glycol oral suspension 200 ml bottle, oint hydrocortisone 1%, oint zinc oxide 10% with cetylated fatty ester complex 3% in 10 gm tube, oint zinc oxide 8.5 to 10% 15 to 20 gm tube (apex, sanofi, johnson & johnson), sodium chloride 0.65% w/v nasal drops of 15 ml, furosemide 10mg/ml syp , choline salicylate 8.7%, cetalkonium chloride 0.01%, ethyl alcohol 39%gel (gelora), anti ulcer mouth gel zytee, sodium valproate oral solution 200mg/5ml bott of 200 ml syp, colloidal iron 80 mg/5ml, b12,folic acid 100 ml bott(tonoferon) syp , colloidal iron 20 mg/ml with b12& folic acid 15 ml (zuventus,east india)drop , syp levetiracetam 100mg/ml, midazolam 0.5% nasal spray (5ml bottle), multivitamin & multiminerals containg vit a,d,e,c,b complex,biotin,copper,magnese,zinc ,cromium,iodine,bott of 200 ml (bevon/full 365) syp , syp calcium carbonate ( elemental calcium 200 mg+ vit d3 125 iu/ml ) 100-200 ml,
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